Quagga Fabrics and Wallpapers creates surface design. We specialise in fabrics and wallpapers. We create unique patterns that inspire and delight. Please ask us about viewing samples and bespoke options.

designerAfter designing patterns for wallpapers, Rob Tarlton decided to translate some of them into fabrics. The first wallpaper range was called Maginaper. The name is a portmanteau made up of imagination and paper.

Some of the patterns start as dreamy doodles or with a few elements inspired by things close at hand or in mind. After many tweaks and changes, the patterns are set up for printing. The wallpapers are custom printed. If a pattern proves popular, it will be adapted for fabric screen printing; the designs are then printed on linen- style cotton.

When we developed the patterns into fabrics, we decided to call ourselves Quagga. Quagga Fabrics and Wallpapers is located  in Woodstock, Cape Town – very close to the Groote Schuur Estate where Quaggas are being “bred back”.

In these original designs, we try to blend classic symmetry with something contemporary. Often made up of abstract shapes and recognisable cultural icons, from cows to lighthouses. Many of the patterns convey a love of local flavour and sometimes evoke something quite unique to Cape Town.

Are you an Etsy user? We have an Etsy shop with products made from our fabrics. On offer are lampshades, scatter cushions, tea towels, tote bags and placemats. Or you can just buy them from here.


The digital printing process for the wallpapers allows a degree of customisation to occur. It is possible to change the colours and the scale of the pattern.

It is important to know that the wallpaper is printed in panels to client dimensions and is not available in rolls. This makes things easier for you because working out coverage based on roll size and pattern repeat is not necessary. You just give us the widths and heights of your walls and we work it all out for you. In this way, wastage is minimised. The price is quoted per square metre.