What is the size of the pattern repeat?

The pattern scale (and repeat size) is adjustable for the wallpapers. However we do have a recommended pattern repeat size and that is specified on the product online purchase page.
The repeat size of the fabrics is fixed and specified on the product online purchase page.

What kind of texture does the wallpaper have?

The wallpaper has a canvas/stucco type texture. We also do smooth vinyl wallpaper. As yet, we don’t have any flocked/embossed/velvet wallpaper.

How do I get an idea of what the wallpaper will look like on my walls?

We have some options to help you decide on a pattern.

  • You may send us a photograph of one of the walls you wish to paper and we can superimpose and mock-up 3 of our patterns onto your photo to give you a good idea of the finished surface.
  • We can send you a sample of the patterns that you like. We will charge you for the sample and reimburse you for the one you ultimately choose to make an order for.

With the photos on the site, the size specification and colour values, you should get a good idea of the final product. You may ask for specific PANTONE values for colours to ensure colour matching to your décor.

Can I order samples?

As mentioned in the item above, you may order wallpaper and fabric samples. The cost of the sample is reimbursed if you choose to place an order for that item. Samples are generally A4 size.

How is the pricing structured?

The wallpaper is priced per square metre with discounts for larger quantities. If you need over 15 square metres, please contact us for a special quote.

If you have contacted us for a special quote, you may pay 50% upfront and the balance on delivery.

The fabric is priced per linear metre. The linear metre is 1.4m wide. Bulk discounts are available.

Do you have a trade price?

We sell directly to the public. Contact us for trade prices.

Do you do customised colours for your fabric?

We can customise fabric colours for orders over 25m.

How long from order to delivery?

It can take between 2 and 3 weeks if printing has to happen.

Are the fabrics and wallpapers washable?

Wipe vinyl coated wallpaper clean with ammonia free cleaners.

The fabrics are washable.

Do you offer custom design?

We are available for custom designs if the idea fits our style. But remember that the wallpaper colours are customisable. And the scale is too. The fabric colours are also customisable to a lesser extent.

What are the delivery/shipping costs?

You can work out the shipping costs on the shopping cart before you place an order. Alternatively, if you make a custom order through contacting us, we will let you know the shipping costs and invoice you accordingly.

Do you do wallpaper installations?

We use a separate contractor to do application of wallpaper and will gladly organise that for you.

What is your returns policy?

If you use our wallpaper applicators, they will check for faults before they apply. We will have any faulty wallpaper replaced and return to apply it.

If, in the unlikely event, we ship faulty wallpaper or fabric to you, please contact us immediately for replacements.